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Fault detection basic online courses.
  • Aims and objectives: To learn how to detect the failures of the elevators independently of the brand.
  • Level: Basic

The installation and maintenance companies of elevators need to be up to date with the maneuvers of different manufacturers in order to offer a quality maintenance service.

Throughout the training plan, participating companies will develop the capacity to provide services in the most widespread maneuvers in the market.

What is learned …

To detect the faults that an elevator can have according to the brand of the control panel.

Who is it aimed at …

To elevator maintenance personnel. In order to follow the content of this course, advanced knowledge of electricity or electronics is not necessary.

How are the classes …

It is an online course, so that everyone can take the course when and how best to suit them. It can be done from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. It is a course that allows the participant to travel inside the maneuver box to become familiar with it, learn to detect possible breakdowns and perform exercises that demonstrate what has been learned.