Online Course: 2014/33/EU and EN 81-20/50. Powered by LiftAcademy


Welcome to Docensas online courses powered by Lift Academy.

The lift world is on the eve of the biggest legislative change in about 20 years. Both the European directive as the standard for new lifts will change in the coming years.

The old rules need to be dusted.

So for everyone who is professionally involved with lifts it’s essential to be aware of these changes. Therefore, the Lift Academy has developed an e -learning module. The module consists of 11 topics:

  1. A bit of history
  2. Harmonised standard
  3. Changes
  4. General points
  5. Structural Changes
  6. Layout of machineroom
  7. Layout of shaft Lesson 08
  8. Safety line
  9. Inspection and override
  10. Carfittings
  11. Doors

After going through all topics there is the opportunity to test your knowledge with an exam. With a 80% score in the exam you can get a certificate.

Price: 150€

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  • Choose your course. “Courses > Docensas courses”
  • Payment “Purchase with Mollie”.

IMPORTANT: Once you have paid, in order to access the lessons, you will need to write an email to to request the code. Thanks!