ELEVATOR SAFETY AT WORK. Online Course Powered by LiftAcademy


Welcome to Docensas online courses powered by Lift Academy.

The intention of this training is to prepare the student for working around elevators in a safe way.

You can follow this course in your own pace. You can always stop during the course. The system will register your progression.
Each lesson ends with a test. When all lessons are done you have to perform a test. When you pass this test you will receive a declaration of competence for working around elevators in a safe way. This declaration is valid for a period of two years.



In this course you will find out:

  1. Elevator technology 1 – Drive and doors: How an elevator is powered and how the doors work.
  2. Elevator technology 2 – safeties and machine room: how an elevator is secured and what you will find inside the machine room.
  3. Start: about what has to be done before you start working with an elevator
  4. Machine room: which procedures you will have to perform to work in a machine room in a safe way
  5. Hoistway: which procedures you will have to perform to work in a hoistway in a safe way.
  6. Pit: how to work in a safe way in the pit of an elevator.
  7. Special elevators/situations: which particular elevators and elevator situations you can encounter.


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IMPORTANT: Once you have paid, in order to access the lessons, you will need to write an email to info@docensas.eu to request the code. Thanks!