Elevator Business Management Program (EBM EN)

Training needs
The increasing market competition is forcing companies to provide their management personnel with a comprehensive training, including both business management and technical support and design. This program offers a modular and progressive learning option, applying important general knowledge in a practical manner to the elevator industry.

For those ones interested to become better elevator business managers, DOCENSAS provides its Elevator Business Management (EBM) Program, with a modular structure that enables an incremental learning of a wide range of disciplines adapted to the unique requirements of elevator companies. The EBM Program adapts to the needs and resources of each company and student, regardless of their geographic situation, to provide a localized and exhaustive training to the participants who, by successfully completing the courses, can obtain a diploma granted by DOCENSAS.

EBM Program, ELEVATOR BUSINESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, is the highest diploma granted by DOCENSAS and it encompasses an exhaustive training in Business Management and Technical Management.

Duration: 12 months. According to your ability to travel, you can follow the program 100% online (with videoconference sessions and online forum sessions in Docensas virtual campus) or blended (online, with only a 3-days face-to-face lecture at the beginning of each module).


Elevator industry personnel aspiring to a managerial position or currently carrying out managerial responsibilities.

Modular Format:

  • Business Management. Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources.
    1.- Mastering the business strategy fundamentals in a general sense and their application in the elevator industry.
    2.- Identifying the business positioning keys and making marketing global plans.
    3.- Understanding the organizational behavior and the HR management.
  • Business Administration: Operations, Finance, Legal.
    4.- Designing business operations in an efficient and effective manner.
    5.- Understanding the business financial fundamentals, as well as the accounting systems basic concepts.
    6.- Legal and Economic Environment training for business administration.
  • Technical Management: Health & Safety, Quality, Information & Communication Technology
    7.- Acknowledging the risks related to the installation and maintenance services and considering what is necessary to ensure people safety.
    8.- Knowing how to instill a culture of quality and designing systems which facilitate the achievement of the company’s goals. Information & Communication Technology
    9.- Getting familiar with the Information & Communication technologies applied to business management.
  • Elevator Engineering: Elevator solutions, Installation, Maintenance
    10.- Considering elevator solutions for each kind of building.
    11.- Analyzing installation methods and identifying critical points.
    12.- Knowing the dimensions of the whole maintenance service, as well as advanced organization systems.

José María Compagni, has attained an International, Executive MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from IE University, and counts amongst his previous experience as the Director of the Installation and Maintenance Service Department at MP Lifts and Commercial Director at MACPUARSA as invaluable in relation to the training of others in all Managerial aspects of the lift industry and Lift companies. He also holds the position of Associate Professor at School of Architecture at IE University.

Dedicated professionals who have a recognized and relevant experience at national and international levels:

José María Compagni. Managing Director at Docensas S.L. and Managing Director of the EBM Program. He has attained an International Executive MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. He is an Associate Professor at the Marketing Department at IE University., He has hold the position of Director of the Installation and Maintenance Department at MP Lifts and Commercial Director at MACPUARSA.

Ricardo Vieira. He has 22 of experience in the elevator industry. He has hold the position of National Sales Manager at Thyssenkrupp, and After-sales Manager at Thyssenkrupp Elevators. He works as a Technical expert at IPAC for the Elevator Department.

Mario Canivell, Industrial Engineer specialized in Business Organization. Managing Director at Claritic S.L, Solutions and Strategies TIC. Technological Consultant for elevator companies. –> Operations and Information & Communication Technology.

David Sánchez Mateo , Industrial / Mechanical Engineer (Universidad de Zaragoza) and Senior Management Program Innovation (Universidad de Zaragoza), Director Manager in SAMAT.

Juan José López Martín, He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Sciences, and a certified Black belt from Lean Six Sigma (L6S). He is an economist at Telefónica in Spain and a Professor at the Professional Training Center “Guadalquivir” and the New Professions Spanish Center.

Ramón González. Industrial / Mechanical Engineer (Universidad de Sevilla/University of Sheffield) Senior Management Program, AD-1 (Instituto Internacional San Telmo). HSE Technician (Universidad de Sevilla). CPO and Technical Coordinator at ALJARAFESA, public company reponsible for the Urban Water Cycle to +300.000 inhab.

Jaime Casado Ruiz. Practicing Lawyer and Consultant since 1989. Managing Director at the Law Firm Jaime Casado Ruiz. He counts among his previous experience as the General Counsel at several companies in the elevator industry, as well as in the New Technology and Aeronautical Industries. He is also a Lecturer in the Master’s Degree in Law at the University Pablo de Olavide. –> Law.

In colaboration with Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón, ITAINNOVA.